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Wastewater Technology

Committee Chairs

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Doug Kimbler
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities
PO Box 10300
Bowling Green, KY 42102
Phone: 270-782-4548
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Tennessee Co-Chair:
Mike Bernard
Smith Seckman Reid
2995 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 615-383-1113
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Committee Purpose

The committee shall stimulate interest and provide opportunities for information exchange in the varied challenges encountered in the municipal wastewater management field. The committee shall provide assistance to the Executive Board and the Technical Program Committee as appropriate.

This committee shall conduct continuing evaluation of education and practicability in the area of municipal wastewater treatment regulations and shall recommend programs to achieve these improvements. The program may include sponsoring workshops and technical sessions, and gathering and disseminating information.

This committee shall stimulate and develop technical information for publication and papers for the Annual Meeting. It shall review and advise the Executive Board on federal and state regulations and guidelines that relate to municipal wastewater treatment.

The committee shall promote an overall environmental approach to municipal wastewater management with the following goals:
  • To ensure that the quality of water discharged to receiving waters is in compliance with NPDES permit requirements at all times.
  • To help systems treating municipal wastewater to keep abreast of the latest technologies used in treating wastewater and in the monitoring and control of wastewater treatment processes.
  • To assist systems treating municipal wastewater in understanding beneficial reuse options for treated wastewater effluent and biosolids.
  • To ensure the equitable distribution of collection, treatment, and disposal costs to all users of the system.
  • To emphasize waste minimization and pollution prevention.

The committee shall also develop, recommend, and assist in conducting programs to promote a public information campaign and provide technical information regarding beneficial recycling alternatives, regulatory compliance, and updated industry practice for water reuse and residuals and biosolids issues.

Committee Meetings

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Committee Projects

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